BMXNZ is a competitive sport and the structure for athletes is one that is driven by results at the top end, be it World Championship or Olympics. The following segments drive the sport to excel and are part of the BMXNZ Athlete pathway. 


All riders under 8yrs old are defined as Sprocket Rockets. When registered as a licenced rider they are given a Sprocket number plate for their bike and can participate in the Sprocket Rockets program. There is training at most clubs based on the Sprocket skills & award structure as they complete these skills. When racing within the BMXNZ calendared meets, there are no placings or points scored for Sprockets. This group should be focused on skills and participation over results.


The Junior Test Team cultural exchange with AUScycling. The Trans Tasman series is raced at the BMXNZ North Island Titles and the Australian Series held at an AUScycling nominated event. The team consists of 4 male & 4 female riders. The team selection is open to all riders who will be 11 years old on the 1st of June of the year of selection for the Australian event and 11 years old on the 20th October of the year of selection for the New Zealand event. This is a BMXNZ funded trip with a small financial input by the families. BMXNZ also allocate a coach & team manager to the squad.


A growing series for the Sport, BMXNZ is supporting this "made by riders - for riders" racing with an open 15+ class, that is the key focus in New Zealand for riders seeking fast racing & developing their skill in a high-end race environment. 


Each year the UCI holds the BMX World Championships, which is for all amateur riders. To qualify for this event New Zealand riders must attend the National Championships for the year and be ranked in the top 8 in their class to be allocated a spot to attend. The team is completely self-funded and BMXNZ allocate and fund a team manager to the squad.  New Zealand generally is quite strong in the amateur ranks & have multiple World age-group Champions in most years. 


These riders are pre-elite and have taken a step into the high performance end of the sport. BMXNZ is working to rebuild this segment with some planning and development structures to attain more UCI points to open allocation spots for the World Championships. The riders are completely self-funded and BMXNZ allocates resoure and support when viable. 


These U23/Elite riders make up top end of the sport. The focus here is on UCI ranking and nation points they are awarded through their results on the world stage. These rankings allow access to the UCI World Championship and Olympic Games. Like all BMX athletes, they are generally self-supported, yet some who qualify can access HPSNZ TAPS grants to support their campaigns. There is no offical BMX HP Program at this point in time.  


BMXNZ work in conjunction with Cycling New Zealand to select athletes for two events. Firstly the UCI BMX World Championships each year for Junior, U23 & Elite Championship riders. Then the Olympic Games held every four years for Elite Championship Riders.

The BMX Selection Regulations & Championship Class Event Selection Application forms can be viewed HERE