2024 BMXNZ South Island Titles is being hosted by Mainland North BMX Region & Christchurch City BMX Club 13th - 14th January.

BMX New Zealand, the Mainland North BMX Region and the Christchurch City BMX Club are proud to host and present the 2024 BMX New Zealand South Island Titles, the premier BMX racing event in the South Island for 2024.

This event will see the best riders from the North and South to take away the 'SI' ranking plates for each of the age groups on offer, from the 8yr olds through to 60+ seniors. The Christchurch BMX facility will host the event with a National standard track which will be perfect to showcase some of the best racing in the sport.

Along with the Titles on offer the event is the first round of the 2024 BMXNZ National Series & it is a National Qualifying Meeting (NQM) for the 2025 National Championships. The event is a designated Category 6 event and will follow the regulations of this category.

​​​​​​​This event is is a MYLAPS TRANSPONDER event for fast and accurate race results.​​​​​​​

BMX New Zealand gratefully acknowledges the financial support for the 2024 BMXNZ South Island Titles